As compared to the last year, the next version of the iPhone mobile OS is expected to introduce new interesting and competing features. The overall features IOS 12 was get revised in these upgrade. As per Apple WWDC, there will be the number of surprises in these upgrade in the Apple store for us. Some of the aspiring features were pushed from IOS 12 to IOS 13.

The features are few and far in between to our knowledge. Some of the leaked features are Dark mode, eradication of the volume options, and the redesign option of the home screen. The designer intimated that the latest features which have been rumored is in work and not yet completed. He plans to make some extra brand features for the iPhone OS.

The dark mode is quite pretty interesting than the previous version. It will be very attractive and mild to work in both daylight and dark light. It will work definitely well on the device with larger icons. In UI pane the multitasking becomes the controller of the control center.

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