The a11 version bionic chip makes the iPhone x faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now the Apple is about to release A12 version replacement with more faster and enhanced performance. A move to a best manufacturing process will bring many performance improvements at the same time, and it boosts the process speed.

The A12 model is designed specially by TSMC. It is the measurement between the component and the processor. It is 20% faster when compared to the previous one. It is optimizing 40% less power than the A11 version.

The A11 bionic chip has six processor cores, in which two cores are for improving the speed of the processor and others is for maintaining it. The A12 is expected to follow that but it is speeder than A11. The speed may high because of these processor cores.

The core suits well for A12 the ultra-speed expected to be high is 30%. The speed will be calculated by its performance.

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