Apple IOS 12 has Embarrassing problem

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On October 1, 2018

The Apple iPhone IOS 12 looked crucial. The stability and the performance focused on great secret features. Many of the iPhone and iPad owners are now updating as there are some impacts and the problems are emerging. Many people have spotted the IOS 12 has caused serious problems with iMessage across all the iPhone devices.

The IOS 12 introduced as a unique thread for iMessage contacts who has multiple phone numbers and email id. The person having multiple phone numbers can easily find all the messages neatly in a single thread.

This implementation merges threads with the different contacts, as thereby creating the messages send to different people unintentionally. It is spotted that many people have shared the apple id between their members of the family, the iMessage is shared based on that apple id. Not through the contact name, number, and thread. Many people report that issue as it will not suit for the others who don’t share the apple id with others.

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