Apple revealed to combine the applications into one

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On February 22, 2019

Apple wants to make benefit for the users by making software developers to create applications and games for its devices. This is developed to encourage the development of the application and increase revenue. The code which will be going to develop will be named as “marzipan”. The main goal of this initiative is for developing the usage of the people.

In this combination, the application is created once and have it work with apple products like iPhone, Mac book. This can encourage the creation of the software increasing the revenue of the company’s gadgets.

The application which will be creating may be another revenue opportunity for the company because it cuts off many subscriptions and purchases related to the application. The company has fixed its services as a major growth area. It will be announced two new services, Apple news subscription with premium subscription and live video content.

After that, the company plans to make their developers change their iPad apps to Mac computers using the new software kit and dates will be announced soon as the conference. So, the iPhone apps can also be converted to Mac computers by expanding the developer kit.

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