Samsung is the only brand which is popular in releasing the phone with the pens. But now apple leak reveals its upgrades as new upcoming phones will be released with the pen. As per the report of trendforce, the apple is releasing the new models with efficient features.

The most appreciable one is the release of the OLED display of the screen. The display will glimpse its features at everywhere. The display will be more accurate and attractive, even with the low quality of the images and movies.

The next feature is that upcoming phones will be released with the pen facility. The pen will be useful in drawing, to put the digital signature, and for taking the notes through the written form on the screen. This feature is more useful for the business people. But everyone can make use of it. The pen is especially more compatible with the OLED display.

The combination of these features will make the iPhone more popular than the older versions. The extra features include the long display, high ram, high storage etc…

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