The day when it is first launched the iPhones are prone to many complaints from its users. Even though the sales of sales have grown beyond the expectation of Apple still there are some complaints about their products. But these complaints are very small when compared to the awesomeness this phone offers. If the complaint persists bring it to iPad Service Center in Chennai to get it fixed.

Here are some of the complaints about iPhones.

Download speed

Not in the current generation but older generation iPhones are known for their inability to download music or video fast. It took ages to download a movie in the older iPhone due to their slow processing speed.

Memory capacity

The biggest strategic failure of iPhones is their memory options. Think about it when you buy an iPhone 5 and have only 16 GB of memory does it make any sense? Definitely, no, many users buy 16 GB model and regret it later due to no availability of space to save their favorite movies on their phone.