You lost your air-pods. Now, what to do? Here is how to track your lost airpod using Apple’s Find My iPhone application. Before tracking your lost air-pods you should turn on your Find My iPhone application. Otherwise, it won’t be workout.

So, there are two ways to track your device either with iPhone or iPod or with the desktop.

In desktop,

  • In, sign in with your Apple id and password
  • Click on the “Find iPhone’ button.
  • Click on the all devices and look for the airpod option in the dropdown list box.

In iPhone or iPod,

  • Using Find My iPhone app locate your device.
  • Sign in with the Apple id and password
  • The list will appear with the connected devices including the airpods

The feature will not work if your airpod is dead, when out of range, and when it is inside its box with the closed lid. This is the main important thing you should note before tracking the lost airpod.

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