In the busy world, everyone likes to wake up to a fully charged iPhone, use it to full day and plug it in the socket when going to the bed. Nobody will like the feeling of watching that percentage points drop down. There are some ways to keep the long life for the battery. Here are some of the points.

  1. Use in low power mode: when you charge falls below 20% it will ask to use low power mode. In that mode, no synchronizing will undergo from your Apple accounts.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi assist: it will assist you to improve the power of the battery
  3. Turn down the brightness: The less brightness usage will lead to the long battery duration
  4. Maintain background refresh: refresh the unusable apps in the background frequently to enhance the charge.
  5. Less access of location: make the accessibility of your GPS location with the less durability for some time.
  6. Replace your battery: enhance the life of the battery by maintaining the battery

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