There are many features added to the IOS 12.1, that the Apple is excessively announced the features. With the features of IOS 12.1, the phone gets high features as well as lower ones to boot with it. If it wants to update it with the phone immediately the users have to stream the “IOS 12 Public Beta Program”.

If the users want to update the features immediately when it released, the users should turn on the Automatic update option in their handsets. Some of the features are described below.

New Emoji’s more than 70 counts

There are 146 new emoji’s added to IOS 12, but due to the variations of the skin in the model, it is reduced to 70 Emoji.

The group chat time

As the apple announced previously the group chat has introduced in IOS 12, as there is the possibility of 32 members to chat in audio or video type in a single group.


Flashlight and camera sound in the lock screen

It is the new feature introduced in the apple x and other new models that, if the camera or flashlight is switched on in the lock screen, the sound will be notified to the users.

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