This is good news for the beta testers that is Apple released IOS 12.1 beta 4 for all the public beta testers. The update comes delay after the company seeded the beta 4 to all the developers. Only 6 days after it reached to the other customers.

At present, Apple released more innovative that the beta testers can look forward to bug fixes and the security patches in this update. For updating your phone you should be the public tester at first. If you have IOS 12 update with automatically enabled. To make use of the beta, tap download and install on the screen to make use of IOS 12.1 public beta 4.

If IOS 12.1 public beta doesn’t bring new features, the update itself will bring to the whole. The highlighting feature in the new model is “Group face time” i.e. the user can chat with the friends and family in the FaceTime call.

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