Iphone and its added Advantages

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On February 20, 2018

Apple and Android are dominating in the smartphone industry. Iphone is being challenged by some other brands such as Samsung and Android but still it dominates in the market as a super power. It offers a sleek design and a fast browsing speed. It is known for its user friendly feature. There are various other features which make Iphone as a prominent one with respect to others. One can get your Iphone serviced from the best Iphone Service Center in Chennai which has gained cent percent customer satisfaction.

Face time is one of the unique features which use the front camera to enable video chats with high quality definition. Now this feature is enabled with cellular data as well. Face time makes us to have a personal touch with our family and friends. Iphone is exclusively used for taking pictures alone in which the camera is much advanced compared to other smart phones.

The services for the Iphone and Ipads are rendered by our qualified technicians at our Apple Iphone Service Center in Chennai. Those people have many years of service experiences. Apple product is ruling the future world. Hence the respective service centers are also being established at all places. Apple provides free Icloud service in which all your data’s, photos; videos and contacts can be shared with other apple products. Such feature takes the hassle out and it is an added advantage for transferring data between products. The Ipad service center in Chennai provides us with the best solutions for the Apple products.

Apple App store provides many applications for its users which are freely available for download. There is another app siri which is a voice activated virtual assistant which helps us with all sorts of activities from opening an app to making a phone call. The speed difference helps in playing the most intensive games and highly demanding reality apps which gives a smoother experience.

The Apple’s hardware and software designers work in hand to make Iphone better than android. Google just hired HTC smartphone to reinvent the same magic by incorporating its mobile os with its devices. The new portrait mode on Iphone adds lighting effect with a single tap. Despite all the features in android, the Iphone remains the easiest phone to use by all kinds of people around the world.

Apple has the ability to transfer money through messaging apps, to edit live photos organize files via file apps. OS updates are installed on 30 percent of ios devices according to an analytical company. Thus Iphone has several added advantages which make it a king among the smart phones.

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