IPhone Screen Repair Services – All you wish to understand

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On March 30, 2019

What are the preferences you have?

Usually, there are three preferences you have when your iPhone screen is cracked or broken:

Official Apple service center – Repairing your iPhone screen can be very costly at official Apple service center. A way more expensive than it will cost in third-party screen repair centers.

Fix it by yourself – You can purchase special kit that will help you to change scratched screen on your own. But, that is quite difficult, initially if you don’t know which kit to purchase you may make a serious mistake. Average price of the kit that contains all essential details costs from 50$.

Companies that provide screen repair – Previously we have said that repairing your phone at Apple IPhone service center in Chennai is very costly and you can have some issues when you effort to repair it on your own. So what is the best choice? We think finding good and reliable screen repair service is the best solution for this issue.

Price Depends on you iPhone Model

We can’t confidently say how much you will have to pay for screen repair service. The price depends on type of the damage you phone has and also, largely, which iPhone you have.

The Best Prices According iPhone Models

● IPhone 5/ 5s / 5c – as this models are quite old, but still very popular, we will start with the price of iPhone 5 screen repair. The best price offered on the market for this service is $60 (plus/minus $5)

● IPhone 6/ 6 S – Best price: $90 for iPhone 6 and $130 for 6 S

● IPhone 6S Plus – Best price you find is $130

● IPhone 7 – same as iPhone 6S Plus – $130

● IPhone 7 Plus – $150

As we are living the technology world, we need to know about everything. This article will serve as a guide for cheap iPhone service center in Chennai.

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