iPhone 5 pros and cons

Among all the Apple products iPhone 5 is regarded as the lightest, fastest iPhone ever. Though Apple has a lot of stunning features, there are also some disadvantages associated with it. The people who are interested in buying mobile phones would really want to find the features of the mobile provided are worth for that price or not. Some of the advantages and the disadvantages are provided as follows:


  • Mobile Screen

The screen of the iPhone 5 is 4 inches, which is the biggest size when compared to all previous models in the iPhone. This may be smaller than other competing manufacturers, but the resolution and the display quality are incomparable to any other screen.

  • 4G LTE

In recent days, 4G networks are characterised by the fastest data speeds. LTE is the communication standard used for 4G. The iPhone supports 4G LTE communication which makes it really speedy.

  • Mobile Phone Battery Life

The most notable disadvantage of earlier iPhones is the weak battery life. iPhone 5’s battery life is much better than all previous models and can last for hours even if Wi-Fi is on.

  • Processor

iPhone 5 features an A6 chip, which certainly advances the phone’s speed. If you are a gaming addict, you will like this new addition.


  • IOS 6

iPhone 5 uses IOS 6, which contains new features such as an improved Siri, 3D maps and turn by turn navigation. Though, you can definitely upgrade your iPhone 4S to the similar operating system and that also for free. Even if you do not have an iPhone 4S, most of the features of the new OS are still found in other recent models of the iPhone and iPad. If you are adequate with this, then you can skip purchasing a new model or buying a used Apple iPhone 5. If you have any issues with your up gradation, you may contact iPhone Service Center in Chennai.

  • 4G LTE

However 4G was declared in the pros, it drives with a disadvantage as well. If you do not travel regularly, then you might not need the higher speeds. You have to pay an extra price for this feature so there is no reason for buying a used Apple iPhone 5 or a new one when you will not utilize it to the fullest. Moreover, 4G is available in limited regions so you might be able to use it.

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