You can make calls, browse the web, text and send messages with your Apple iPhone. If you keep the device safe from damages, it will work properly. If you drop your phone, it leads to a broken screen, total failure and non-working components. To protect your iPhone from drop damage, you need to treat it like valuable investment in your yield.


Handling with cautious

Treat your phone with more care. If it is not in use, just keep it in your purse or pocket safely. If you don’t keep your mobile in usual storage space, you need to make a mental note of its location. There is a chance to drop your iPhone when you are exiting from a vehicle. Be careful at those times.

iPhone Cases for protection

There are many iPhone cases are designed for various usage situations. Basic plastic cases offer protection while the rubber cases provide you better shock absorption and friction to avoid slips. For the users who regularly use their iPhone in the tough environments, there is a bulkier case is available with built-in screen protectors. There are some iPhone cases that protect iPhone from water damage. You can select your iPhone case based on your requirement.

Screen Protection

A usual screen protector won’t prevent your iPhone screen from a long fall.  There are a lot of screen protector varieties are available with a finish from matte to glossy. It is mainly to protect your touch screen. At the time you drop your iPhone on gravel or another uneven surface, the screen protector will protect the screen. The experts in the Apple Service Center in Chennai will provide repair solutions for the screen damages.

Holsters and Straps

For the damage protection, the hostlers and straps are used. You can also use a lanyard and it keeps your iPhone hanging from your neck. It is easier to safely access your iPhone.

Even if you protect your iPhone, there are some chances to get damaged. In those cases, you can contact the iPhone Service Center in Chennai. The well-experienced technicians in the service centre will solve all kind of damages easily.