Review on Iphone compared to the latest generation smart phones

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On February 10, 2018

Apple Iphone is considered to be the powerful phone and it stands for the best smart phone in the industry. There are some issues associated with it, one such issue with the phone is the battery. It is not bad but it could have been better. Apple is considered to possess more features than before but with the same battery life. One has to search for the charger at the end of the day, if you are ought to use the phone like you are supposed to do. Many Apple service Centers in Chennai offers with the best services for all kind of issues associated with that phone. By minimizing the screen brightness one can manage to use the phone up to 12 hours. Get your IPhone’s and Ipad repaired in the Ipad Service Center in Chennai by the qualified experts in the cell phone industry.

Interestingly, I had a chance to use Iphone 8 plus in which the phone lasted for much longer than expected. But in some cases the constant searching of networks makes the phone battery to drain out easily. Apple must manufacture the phone with the battery which will last for 24 hours. The users tend to cheer for such innovations. Iphone X is much a better phone with the superb screen and a much better camera. But not everybody needs this phone. If anybody wants to upgrade in which money is really not a factor then they can go for an Iphone X.

Apple has approved time and again that when it comes to cameras, it is above the competition. The Iphone 7 plus stand out for the dual cameras and Iphone 8 plus ought to take it a step further. When you have the perfect light and distance, the Iphone camera offers DSLR portraits. In overall, the camera is said to perform much better compared to all the versions of Iphone.

Whenever a new Iphone is launched, it is said to be the fastest Iphone ever. The Iphone 8 plus has clearly given the smoothest and fastest experience to its users. The ability to move from one app to another has made easy in the latest phone and dual camera also improved drastically. There is no delay between the clicks and also no delay noted for the image saving. The audio is good which is considered to be the best sounding smart phone giving us loud and sharp audio experience. One can feel the noticeable weight in an Iphone. Everyone felt the change in weight while using Iphone. People find it easy to use Iphone and one would recommend it for anybody in the market.


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