IPhones are very expensive so keeping it safe will be the priority for the users. But No matter how careful you are your iPhone’s screen may get damaged sometimes. If that happens to you then bring it to Apple Service Center in Chennai. Before taking your phone to service center follow these things to prevent further damage to the screen.

  • First, assess the damage to the screen, if the crack is small then you can relax but if the damage is big then you immediately need to take action. Check if the colors are screen is normal or not, if the LCD panel is affected you will find some pixels in the screen not working.
  • The next thing you should do backup your phone. Immediately after the accident backup all your data to the cloud or a personal computer, because there is a possibility that your phone may not work after the accident.
  • The last thing is to see it if you can fix it yourself only if you are a professional otherwise take it to the service center.