With the thousands and thousands of Apps present in the, there are many chances that you get what you have asked for. Apple I Store is the second largest App store in the world so it is natural to have Apps that are ideal for your usage. Here are some of the most preferred Apps by the iPhone users.


Let’s be real here, most of us buy iPhones for its awesome media experience. For example, Itunes has music from over the world which you can listen with just a click. Not only this you can watch movies at high resolution and online videos in the YouTube from the comfort of your home itself.

Social Media

Today’s generation can’t live without social media. The App store in the iPhone has many social media Apps for you to download like facebook, Twitter. But nothing can match Instagram, with a high-quality camera in iPhone it is easy to become an Instagram star for anyone. For any trouble in iPhone Apple Service Center in Chennai can provide a solution.